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Malawi​Hello world, my name is Peter Mikaya of Pete’s Marinades, Rubs, and Sauces LLC. I was born in Africa from the country of Malawi. Malawi was home for my younger years until coming to America with my parents and other siblings. I am a chef by training 19 years in the culinary world. The most fascinating thing to me in all of the kitchens I have worked in has always been the sauces.

In cooking a sauce is a liquid, cream, or semi solid food to be served on or used in preparing other foods. Most sauces are not normally consumed by themselves as they are used to add flavor, moisture and visual appeal to a dish. Whether it’s a marinade, rub, or sauce here at Pete’s Big Jerk we are determined to offer the best. Our best is found in Jerk.

We use Chiltepin Peppers. As the only wild native chili to the US, the chiltepin is sometimes called the “mother of all peppers” known by many names, chiltepin, chili tepin, chili de monte, etc. 

Having starting my life in Malawi and then coming to America and being able to live and see different cultures my fascination of sauces lead me to Jerk. Jerk is one of those undermined cooking and seasoning methods that the masses still believe only belong to the outside. The African side of me enjoyed the flavors and the American side craved what dishes I can incorporate my jerk with.

Jerk SeasoningWhat is Jerk? Jerk seasoning principally relies up two main items: allspice and scotch bonnet peppers. Although it’s a seasoning of either in the form of a dry rub or wet marinade, jerk is really a style of cooking native to Jamaica, but popular in the Caribbean and West Indian Communities through out North America and Western Europe. The smoky taste of the meat or anything is achieved using various alternate woodburning ovens. Nowadays you can achieve this with cooking as long as you have the right marinade or sauces.

Here at Pete’s Big Jerk we have taken something familiar to most outsiders who have travelled and tasted the tantalizing aromas of jerk cooking and seasoning and brought to Michigan. Bear in mind we do not have abundant resources of Scotch Bonnet peppers in Michigan, so we have produced our jerk seasoning with a variation of different peppers to achieve the same tantalizing aroma’s and seasoning of jerk cooking. Pete’s Big Jerk opens the door a little wider and closer for consumers to savor world ingredients on local level. Experience culinary characteristics and culture of jerk incorporated products in your cuisines.

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